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Whilst we would all like to throw 2020 in the bin and slam the lid shut, the reality is we have a few more months to go, and more of the same at lower levels moving in to 2021 I’m sure.  On behalf of the KBA, I would like to send our deepest sympathies to any of our members that may have lost loved ones during the pandemic.  Being a business owner of over 30 years myself, it’s been the most testing time I’ve ever had, and my thoughts go out to those business owners within our KBA community that are struggling.
KBA – Strangely enough there has still been work to do by the KBA committee across the COVID period.  Thanks to this small group, the KBA remains in excellent shape and ready to fire when we get the go ahead.  Understandably some associations will struggle when comes time to restart, but make no mistake, we’ll hit the ground running!
Stay Active – It is vital for our players (both junior and senior) to keep on the move, even if it’s just going out to the backyard and handling a basketball.  Get some shots up if you can, when we’re able to get on outdoor courts, make use of the opportunity, create an exercise routine to stay fit and ready to play when the time comes.  Exercise can also be done indoors so there’s no excuse.  At the bottom of this message are some links to some skills work created by our very own Ben Morwood, captain of our BigV Men’s team, take the time and have a look.
Health & Wellbeing – Take the time to contact other members you know within the club.  Make sure your children are talking to their friends regularly.  Mental health issues during the pandemic have been well documented, we can also do our part to touch base with others just to day g’day.  You never know, a bit of advice or a quick chat, might just make a difference.
VJBL – We’re unsure of when juniors will be up and running again, all the more reason for players to stay fit and active.  I imagine the normal 2021 tryout period will need to be adjusted when Basketball Victoria lay out their new ‘Return to Sport’ guidelines.  The pre-season period may be shorter, so again, players are advised to stay in shape.  It is vital that we see all past juniors return to basketball when the time comes.  It can be very easy getting used to having nothing to do on weekends, children need to be engaged in activity, and all clubs will rely heavily on players returning for their long term survival and continued growth.
Sponsorship – Our major sponsor for 2020 is the Dingley Hotel, please support them, they are doing delicious take away meals on Wednesdays and Saturdays, along with a fully operational bottleshop.  KBA will definitely be looking for additional new sponsors at all levels for the upcoming season, if you have a business please make contact with Sharon if you would like to sponsor the club in 2021.
Much of the rest of the world is just now entering it’s worst phase of the pandemic so far.  With lives, businesses and many jobs lost here in Australia, we’re well in front and finally seeing light at the end of the tunnel.  It may not seem like it right now, but have solace in the fact that we live in the best country in the world, and will get control of the viral spread quicker than almost every other country.  Keep an eye on our social media for ‘Return to Sport’ information, and I look forward to seeing you all back on deck as soon as possible.  Stay safe.
Links to YouTube Skills video’s with Big V Player Ben Morwood
Gary Nichol
Keysborough Basketball Association

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